Adopt a dog, a lifelong event.

"(..) do you not think that it is cruel to keep a dog in an urban apartment: dogs' happiness primarily depends on the time that you can spend with them, from the number of times that you can accompany them on your outings. Dogs do not mind waiting for hours on end in front of the door to your study if they can then be rewarded by a ten minutes' walk at your side. Personal friendship is everything to dogs. However, remember that in this way you have undertaken a commitment that is anything but light because it is impossible to fall out with a faithful friend and giving a dog away is tantamount to murder."
Konrad Lorenz

"Only those who have had a dog know what love means"

Name: Ameliè


Gender: F - Race:  mestizo  - Size: medium - Age:  1 1/2  year

Attitudes and personality:

Female sweet! She gets along with everyone and loves to be pampered by the people ... It 'a "randagina" saved with her ​​two puppies to the south ... The little ones were adopted and she is' left alone ... He absolutely needs a family ...  ... It is waiting for you!!

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Name: Montagnar

montagnar best

Gender: M - Race: Maremma shepdog  - Size: large - Age:  7 year

Attitudes and personality:

Montagnar  is a beautiful maremma shepdog 7 year old neutered ...  At the beginning is suspicious of those who do not know, but then it becomes very sweet .... He needs a house with a beautiful garden where vent a little ...We seek a skilled person who is familiar with the breed! No Pets No children

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Name: Venere


Gender: F - Race:   mestizo  - Size: medium - Age: 5 year

Attitudes and personality:

Sweet and good company! Venere waiting for a long time !! as our usual we look for people reliable and available to pre-and post-foster care, the signature of the regular form of adoption, and to maintain contact with us in time

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Name: Chicca


Gender: F - Race:   ponter  - Size: medium - Age:  7 year

Attitudes and personality:

Left alone after her owner's death ; Chicca is waiting to spend carefree days with her ​​new family! lover of games!! :-)

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Name: Cucci


Gender: M - Race:   mestizo  - Size: medium - Age:  2 month

Attitudes and personality:

Abandoned along with his little brothers looking for a family! Sweet! :-)

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Name: Steck


Gender: M - Race:   mestizo cocker  - Size: medium/small - Age:  7 year

Attitudes and personality:

Much company with his fellow (male and female) He never asked for anything, but deserves our help, all our love ..

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